Demo 2013

by Point Blank

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Guest vocals on "Alone" by Greg Falchetto


released October 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Point Blank Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee Hardcore


Harvcore Records

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Track Name: Drown
Let's forget where we left off
We both know that we're all wrong
I sank in you
Your words were all I knew
You played me for a fool
What am I supposed to do?

I'll suffocate, I've lost my way
Just want to be where you are

Just let me drown
Track Name: Alone
I'd rather be doing anything else
Than being wrapped up in myself
Forced to slow down
Let my thoughts catch up with me
A billion people that I'd rather be

I could have been born with a silver spoon or an iron mind
But I'm stuck sitting here feeling bad for myself all the time

Alone but not lonely
At least that's what I tell myself
You can't keep secrets from your head


I should have a grip on myself
but I'm still drowning here in my own mind
I can't keep sitting here
Feeling bad for myself all the time
Track Name: Snake
Complacent, you say you're innocent
A jester, a fake, a liar, a snake.
You can't fool me
You can't fool anyone
How much did you think that we're gonna take?


The rules apply to you
You can't escape the truth
You can't lie yourself free this time

Track Name: Life and Death
Life, Death. It's all the same to me
I live my days and nights in misery
Search within myself until I find the key
And lock away these rotten memories

You're the reason I've become this beast
And why my rage is churning as I walk the streets
Save me from myself, I need some relief
Tempted, it's not my life I plan to keep.

Save me from myself cause I can't take it
This weight on my mind has got me breaking
I've given up, my will has faded
I try to make it hard to tell, but behind these eyes i'm living in hell

I've lost so much sleep, lost my strive, lost my mind
I'm losing my grip and my will to survive
I don't know how I've found a way to keep trying
The only thing I've kept, what keeps me alive

Is this hate in my heart after all of your lies.