Life Crisis

by Point Blank

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released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Point Blank Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee Hardcore


Harvcore Records

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Track Name: True Talk
New Day, same shit
Your same feeling of emptiness
I’m calling it quits.
Give myself away til there’s nothing left.
Suck me dry
I’m the help that you always find
Still you make your mistakes
I can’t be the one to change your mind

This is what you want, not what you need
Making all your choices but you can’t see

Burn your love to the embers,
Char your heart into ash
You keep falling deeper,
But there’s no one to catch you

Pray for changes as you walk in your footsteps.
Choking on neglect but you can’t see.
Walk in circles with the same expectations.
Lamentations of your fantasies.
You’re crying cause your love can’t happen.
This ain't what you want, nor is it what you need.
Hoping things will go how you imagine.
That won’t happen this is reality.
Track Name: Cold Embers
You'll say that I've changed
But I've always remained the same
We all hide the things that drive love away

We'll break all our promises
Forget all our plans
We've been reduced to have nothing to say anymore

But I've always remained the same
Cold embers from an even colder flame

Yeah, I was the first one that left
This time I wasn't in the wrong
Yeah, I was the first one that left
This time you stayed gone

I spit a curse into the wind
All that came out was your name
I hope that when it reaches you
It's what I really meant to say.
Track Name: Perdition
I’m in the thralls of perdition.
I’m being ripped apart.
Always been one for superstition
But these hellhounds bites are worse than their barks.
Weighed down by all my demons.
Will the torture stop?
Bliss is but a dream
but dreams fade away as the nightmare starts

Reality: my mortal coil is choking me to death.
As the sands of time run out
until there’s nothing left.
If my life were to flash before me
I’d hate what I saw.
Boredom, inertia, wasted potential.
and staying down after every fall

get busy living cause you’re gonna die.
I've spent my entirety living under the grave of life.

No matter what I've done.
A losing game under a burning sun,
suffer in practice for the following realm.
my withered soul will thrive in hell.
Track Name: Drown
Let’s forget where we left off
We both know that we’re all wrong

I sank in you
Your words were all I knew
You played me for a fool
What am I supposed the do?

I’ll suffocate
I’ve lost my way
Just want to be where you are

Just let me drown
Track Name: Life Crisis
I don’t want to live this way anymore
I’m losing myself in everyone that I care for
I lose the time I need to figure me out
Wrapped up in everyone else and what they’re worried about.

I watch them focus on the things they need
Everything they want
But what the fuck about me?

I have my own burdens
But their importance is lessened
With all your woes
Fighting my own demons
But you always need me
To help you with your foes

Selfishness guised with self improvement
But where do you go when it’s not about you?
You try and say your solitude hurts
That you’ll always be there
Actions roar over your words.

I’m at the point I swore I’d never go
I need some attention cause I feel so alone.

And I’ll always have to bite my tongue
Do what I know I have to
Tell you all the things you need to hear
This isn’t what I want
But it’s what’s best for you.
Track Name: Lie of Perception
A fraud, a fake,
I've seen through all your lies
So will the rest, it’s just a matter of time
Every word you spout, you’re stepping further from the truth
I can’t wait for the day it comes back on you

I can’t stand either of your faces
Not soon enough until you’re replaced
So sick of all of your games
From my memory you've been erased

Your facade is weak, you've been caught
Lie of perception, just fucking stop

When it all comes down
I’ll watch life crush you
And when you’ve been found out
I’ll watch them leave you one by one

Live in misery