Burden of Humanity

by Point Blank

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released March 11, 2016

Recorded by Fred Mascherino at Diver Down Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Dan Colombo at Iceman Studios



all rights reserved


Point Blank Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee Hardcore


Harvcore Records

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Track Name: Symptoms
Ignore, forget, repress, progress
Dream, remember, regress depressed.

I feel it in my bones as it burns through my soul
All these memories I wish I didn't know.

Symptoms of separation
All the paths I should have taken
This pain in my chest weighs of all my mistakes
Symptoms of separation
I will never feel this way again
Track Name: Final Consequence
You swear to serve, but who do you protect?
Nothing but pain as you summon death

We fill the cages, we are your fear
You made us monsters, while we die like beasts
You stand above us with the aegis of lies
As our blood floods every street.

This is the aftermath of all your torture
Form us to boxes you won't let us break
And still you cowards name us the problem
There will be no more silence for all the lives you take.
All creation will know our rage
This is your hell to pay
Your world shall burn until the truth is all you see
Ripped lives apart
And broken families

This war is your creation, and this war you shall receive

Your life with no remorse will face it's final consequence.
You're gonna pay
for everything you've ever done
You'll face your death
Like we face ours
And you will reap every sin
you've ever sown
Track Name: Burden of Humanity
Would you still love if we didn't share blood?
Would you still be so proud of me if I wasn't your son?
Would you still want me then?
Is there even a chance we could have been friends?
I live so far from everything you believe
So how can you say that you believe in me?

I cant trust what I can't see
My burden of humanity
Unbounded by blood would you still love me?

I'm left with a choice to make
My pride and my conviction
Or to surrender into the grasp
Of life's only promise
I can't make this choice
To survive's like trying to swim with my feet bound

Your word of God silences my pain
Your disappointment like an endless cloud of rain
It poured and poured on me so that I felt I would drown
Every step I ever made was forced in fear to let you down

I cant trust what I can't see
My burden of humanity
Unbounded by blood would you still love me?
Track Name: In Death
These endless days of grey
The sun burns my skin and my soul blisters.
This pain, though I detest it, brings validation
This is the world that I'm living in.

Why must I waste my breath in a world that brings me joy no longer
Death seems so far away and distance makes the heart grow fonder
I'm racing myself to the limit of my worth
Balancing on the scales of my own mortality
Who wins when I lose?
Who gains when I'm lost?

I leave nothing when my ripple ends, just another calm in the sea of grey
Shed my skin and reach for the sun

Maybe in death there's more peace than life
Maybe some rest will bring me peace of mind
Track Name: Guilty
The clock's the judge
Passing the sentence of my failure
The seconds tick and I'm left behind
My peers surpass me, and my life is empty
The world keeps turning, so why can't I?

A monument to deficiency.
Trapped in the current of success
I'm moving slower
Slower than anyone I've ever met
Why must I be this way?
Drowning in self pity and a lack of motivation
I want to change myself
A different situation where I'm not so inept.

My Life has yet to begin
but I'm still being convicted